Sunday, June 29, 2008

4 Weddings and a Brand New Website!

Started off with a Friday wedding reception at the Hamilton Ballroom at Wheatland Place. It is so fun to decorate because the black, white and chrome decor wears every color scheme you can come up with. This couple was married in Las Vegas a few weeks earlier. Lea loves red and orange, so we made huge spheres of Carnations and Gerbera on tall cylinders for the buffet tables.
Rettew's was the caterer. The fare was elegant and smelled fantastic! Jennifer was tending very precisely to the details of the set up and service. What a nice crew.

Saturday's wedding was held in Ephrata for Michelle and Jeremy. The bridesmaids dresses were sage. They carried green and yellow roses. The Bride's bouquet added white mini-Callas.
Their reception was held at Liberty Place.

Two little flower girls carried these stuffed animals with flowers and little veil. They are only 1yr. and 3 yrs. old. I bet they were adorable. Check for more images.

Here is a great idea for your Head Table.....if the bridesmaids have shawls that match their dresses but don't want to wear them....use them as table runners. Works perfect!! Adds color and texture. This head table had over 20 sitting around a huge "I" shape. The runners really helped fill space in the middle.

On to Sunday's wedding.......Talk about bright and happy colors! This couple got engaged on a trip to Ireland, so using Bells of Ireland with colorful Gerberas was the order. This wedding and reception took place at the Marion Courtyard Restaurant. The ceremony and reception were under a tent. Tables were dressed in stripes of Hot Pink, Orange and Green. Bowls of Goldfish and Gerberas were the centerpieces. Bright colored Japanese lanterns hung from the tent ceiling. Even the wheelchair for the bride's Grandmother was decorated in the colors of the day. The bridesmaids wore hot pink and orange too and carried handfuls of Gerberas and Yoko Ono button poms with lots of colorful buttons and ribbons.

Amy and I were so excited to see this cake Rene of Bella Manse made to tie it all together! How amazing and fun is that! Her cakes always look so perfect. And scrumptious! Check her website for lots more inspiration.

We had another Sunday wedding at Calvary Church and the Eden Courtyard, however the camera went to Marion Courtyard and I didn't get pictures. Maybe I can get some from the bride to post later. She is a Mary Kay consultant, so guess what her colors were.........PINK!

Next week were doing a "Monday"wedding for a military couple, and back to the Eden Courtyard for the reception.
We get to work with Jonnaysa of Planned Perfection....yay!!

Check out my brand new website!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lindsay's Baby Shower

My latest creation: Rubber Duckie made of Flowers.

We at ATB had a couple weeks off to work on the next big event in the Steadman family, which is another baby boy to arrive on 8/8/08. Under a tent in our back yard we had a marvelous baby shower to welcome little Kole Andreas Wanberg. ( His daddy is a Swede, therefore the typical spelling of Cole is changed.) The shower theme used 'rubber duckies' in remembrance of our beloved Grampy who passed away before knowing that Kole was on the way. He would always squeek his rubber -duckie over the phone to his little grand-daughters before he would say good-by on his long distance calls. (sniff-sniff-boy do we miss him!)

Our guests signed a framed poster of colorful rubber-duckies for the nursery with good wishes.

Aunt Amy painted the letters of his name for his nursery shelf.

Decorations included a clothesline with hanging baby clothes . The onesie in the middle says: " Party in my crib :2am." The tiny camo-gear is from his Pop-pop who can't wait to take his grandsons hunting and fishing someday!

One element a little "off-theme" was the cake. The reason being that Erik (daddy) says he just can't wait to buy toys for Kole; like diggers and trucks. So I bought this little digger set and took it to Rosie of Rosie's Creative Cakes and told her to be creative! This was the biggest hit of the shower! She made rocks and boulders of delicious chocolate fondant. She wrote "ground-breaking addition" on the barricade, added grass, and little orange caution-cones made of fondant! Everyone said it was the most delicious chocolate cake ever! Visit her website at Her wedding cakes are beyond beautiful and always delicious!

Then as the guests said good-bye, they took a little rubber duckie along home that had a colorful glycerine soap from Bath & Body Works attached. We put them in this antique baby bath tub that I bought at an antique auction. We also had a baby-bottle shaped sugar cookie wrapped to go.

My three lovely daughters- Jessie, Amy and soon-to-be-mommy, Lindsay.

Hugs to our 'other daughter' Erika Hengst for the great photography and for taking care of all the shower games. She should be in the picture above. She's a very special part of our family .

Whether it's showers or weddings, we love the details......and we LOVE our little babies!!

This week we're back to work with 4 weddings and a 25th anniversary bride's bouquet. Some really fun tabletops will be in the next post!

Friday, June 6, 2008


This is a wedding blog but I just can't help sharing this picture of my 8 week-old grandson, Hudson. He's the light of my life. He melts my heart when he smiles at me.... and to think that we will be adding another little boy to our family in August. All I can say is that God has been doubly-good to me.