Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's pouring buckets as we unload our van -full of centerpieces, the organza -covered canopy for the ceremony and the bouquets. The courtyard with a tent is an ankle-high swamp covered with hundreds of black walnuts dropping from the trees on the tent and the barn roof.

This is Landis Valley Farm Museum- and it is NOT a good day for an outside wedding.

With the bride at the salon, and the groom not here yet...what do we do??? Will they still want the wedding under the tent in the swamp?

Bride's Bouquet is South American Blue Hydrangea, white Lisianthus and blue Delphinium.

One Maid Of Honor wore Kelly green and carried white Hydrangea, blue Delphinium and white Spray roses.

Centerpieces were blue Hydrangea and varigated bear grass in bubble bowls.
Head Table was marked with a tall arrangement of Blue Delphinium and White Orchids. We soon got the word to set up the canopy in the barn ; so we had to rearrange the room to prepare for an indoor ceremony. With no wedding coordinator it was up to us to make this wedding fit in the barn as well as the reception -with room for a band and the dance floor area. Tables needed moved, place card and gift table as well as cake table had to be rearranged.

A chubby little chipmunk made a quick run through the barn as we are setting this up. We discovered a little later, that (she) had been up on the one of the guest tables sampling the Wilbur bud favors! Must have been her pms chocolate craving! She might be paying dearly for her craving now!!

All done. Just in time for the couple to arrive. Jennifer, the bride, told me that they opened up the 2 large sliding barn doors, brought her in a carriage to the door, and she never got wet. The guests circled the couple around the canopy as they exchanged vows making it a very enchanting entrance and intimate ceremony. It all worked out in the end and the bride and groom were very happy. The rain didn't ruin a thing for them after all.
Rene of Bella Manse delivered this beautiful cake. Jessie was a wedding guest and told me that the cake was Wonderful! Some kind of amazing dark chocolatey ganache filling. Yum!! We love cake! (and Rene:)

This teeny-tiny bride and groom look so cute. Always beautiful and dee-licious!

Our second wedding was to take place in a hot-air balloon. That didn't happen either.
The couple exchanged their vows in a private ceremony at Lancaster Country Club Friday evening after hearing the hopeless weather report. So disappointing, but they had a beautiful ceremony and were getting ready to celebrate at the Pheasant Run Farm Bed &Breakfast.
The Bride's bouquet was dark red Hybrid Lilies. There were no attendants since they were to be married in a balloon.

Guest table centerpieces were orange and red lilies floating in a bubble bowl. The Bride and Groom's table had a pair of orange and yellow Alstromeria topiaries.
The Pheasant Run Farm is a beautiful place for an outdoor wedding. There is a lovely barn for small receptions as well as a large meadow for ceremonies and tent receptions. They are such nice people too.
Thanks to Amy and Jessie for helping me to get thru a very long day. I couldn't have done it without you. And to Lindsay for going out in the mud and rain with me at nearly midnight to collect the canopy. A hard day for us, but we had the satifaction of knowing it all worked out beautifully for Jennifer and Ernie. Makes it worth it all!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Elvis is in the House!!

We started our wedding weekend with a rehearsal dinner at Armstrong Manor for Ross and Barb. Jewel-tone colors were requested for the "porch dinner". Here we used Dianthus, African Orange Marigolds, Billy Balls, Hydrangea, Carnations, Ornamental Crab-apple, China Berry and Old Fashioned Blue Bachelor Buttons for Ross' last day as a bachelor; though I'm sure he had no clue they were in there for him.
I love the feeling of the long family-feast set up so much more than the round tables. It's so much more fun to decorate too.
I forgot to take my camera with me to the wedding site, which was at the home of Ross' mom and dad. It's a lovely garden with a large white pergola. The perfect size and place for a wedding at home. It was just so beautiful. Watch Leslie Gilbert's blog for wedding pics.
Then off to the Hamilton Ballroom-where we love to work with Lindsay and Jill. Here is what we did in the lobby. These were also centerpieces for half of the guest tables.
The Guest Book was a beautiful hard bound engagement photo album created by Leslie Gilbert photography that had pages to be written in. What an awesome idea. There were 4 memory candles at the guest book with the names of their family members printed. We add roses.

Then to our surprise....Elvis in a turquoise bow tie! We later found out that Elvis is a member of the family that always appears at every family celebration. They even buy gifts for him. Sometimes he comes in his "Jailhouse Rock" apparel. What a fun family tradition! This week daughter #2, Lindsay joined Team Beautiful. She and Amy had a good laugh taking pictures of themselves with the king before the boss arrived! Both new mommies get a little silly when they get out of the house for a bit!
So Lynne and I decided we didn't want to be left out of the photo opp. Thank -you very much!

Centerpieces were both tall and short. This is the head table. (Could someone please straighten that candle!)? We took care of that before we headed out the door, of course.
Congratulations to Ross and Barb.
Our other wedding can be seen on Jonnaysa's blog, and KM Photography blog.
Congratulations to Diana and Scott.
Before I finish, just look at my sweet little baby boys. Thanks for sharing your mommies with me this week, and thanks Mike and Erik for being on baby-duty all day!! They are both great daddies!

Hudson- 5 months old
Kole- 6wks. old
These little guys are the joy of my life. We are ever so blessed!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Lancaster Country Club Wedding

Starting with the ceremony site- our bamboo structure is very clean and simple. A few white standard Callas with Curly Willow is all it needs. Set-up just off the patio, overlooking the golf course's gorgeous view. Amy said it's a view that makes her feel like running non-stop. I'd rather fly like a bird to enjoy the view:).

The Bride's bouquet of white Mini Callas and Varigated Monkey Grass. The bridesmaids bouquets are in the background: Hot Princess and Black Bacarra Roses.

Centerpieces lined- up to be loaded in the van for the loooong drive across the street. Exactly .2 miles from our shop to the Country Club's door. Now that's saving fuel!
Guest Tables

The Head Table
Another masterpiece cake by Rosie Rohrer.
Photography by Jessie Steadman-Thanks Jess! You're much better at it than your mother!

This week we have a wedding at a private home in Lititz, and Liberty Place. Receptions will be at Liberty Place and the Hamilton Ballroom.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We're on Style Me Pretty!

Stylemepretty, that is! We have been invited to be listed in the Little Black Book of vendors on

Abby Larson seriously blogs every single weekday, and I'm a devoted reader, almost every single day! When I was invited to be listed I was honored, as this website is by invitation only, and they only list 3 vendors for each category. I wanted to wait until my new website was finished, so as of Monday the 15th, I am one of the few florists on the list.

So tonite I went to my favorite wedding blog and found that Amanda Kraft, a local photographer has submitted her images from one of my clients' wedding and it was featured today, 9/12 (also my daughter Jessie's birthday!) on Abby's blog. Melissa Banta, the bride listed my name as her florist with several flower images. Thanks Melissa and Amanda!
Other local vendors such as Amanda Kraft, The Weibners, Jeremy Hess photography,
Janell Berte and Bella Manse cakes are also listed in the Little Black Book.

I have listed SMP (for short) for several months on my own blog as my favorite. I honestly think it is the very best one in this business. Any brides that are in the pre-planning or planning stages would benefit immensely from reading it daily.
Spread the word! is the best wedding inspiration site available.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 Beautiful Weddings

It's about time I posted some pictures of the three beautiful weddings we had this weekend!

My daughter Jessie just got a professional camera for her birthday and I am so pleased with the shots she took of our 3 weddings this weekend. Once again I didn't get to see the Brides because I have to hurry off to set up the receptions. How disappointing for me! That's why I count on the blogs from the wedding coordinator and photographers. Michelle's bridesmaids wore light blue dresses, so bouquets were all blue, green and white.
Nicole's bridesmaids wore chocolate, so her colors were papaya, pink, white and bright green.

Each bridesmaid's bouquet used different flowers, and the Bride's was a combination of them all.
Lancaster Country Club has been updated with gorgeous warm colors. Claudia at Special Occasions is an amazing color expert. She dresses tables to work perfectly with any venue! These linens are called Mango with an organza overlay.

Laura's bridesmaids wore black, so she chose the colors of chartruese and purple. Stunning!
The Bride's bouquet was the traditional, beautiful all white and green using Hydrangea, roses and Freesia. Perfect for her.
Altar flowers were purple and Limelight Hydrangea
The Hamilton Club is always such a nice place to work. I love their signature china. They have done some very nice renovations to the ballroom. It has been opened up and has new neutral wall and trim colors that allow any wedding color palette to look great. The centerpieces were
green and purple Dendrobium Orchids.

We were at 3 churches as well as Lancaster Country Club, The Hamilton Club and the new ( yet old) Historic Strasburg Inn. I'm so glad the new owners brought back the original name; it just makes more sense.
Another amazingly gorgeous cake by Rosie Rohrer, of Rosie's Creative Cakes. Sooo good too!

Each color palette was different so you can just imagine how our workshop looked with almost 400 Hydrangea in white, blue, purple and green. We also had 500 roses in papaya, 2 pinks and white, as well as Orchids, Carnations and Freesia. It was heavenly! Busy- crazy busy but everything went well despite looking horribly rain soaked as I pinned on boutts. and corsages.
My thanks to my wonderful girls: Amy, Jessie, Lynne, Joyce and Bailey for a job well done.
'Team Beautiful" did a great job in torrential, downpouring rain and never complained. I could never do it without them. They truly are the best there is! I love and appreciate you all!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Inspiration Monday

After catching up on my weekly blog, I took the afternoon to relax on the balcony with my stack of books and magazines and seek some fresh inspiration. Ahhh, so much fun........ and relaxing.

" Bride and Bloom" is the one that should set the standard for all wedding publications. Seriously, it is more than worth it's cost. It has the most gorgeous pictures of bouquets you will ever see. It has a page of bookmarks for you to tear- out and mark all your favorites, and features several
'real weddings'.
Another thing that is so inspiring is the photography. You will find some of the greatest ideas for your wedding. Tear-out your favorite pages and put them in a folder to show your photographer the shots you would love to have. Thoughout the magazine are websites that you can go to for even more inspiration. Even the ad pages are so creative and inspiring.

You can only find this magazine in fine bookstores, or you can subscribe.

Here are couple of my favorite hardback flower books. Page through them at a bookstore and make notes on what you love. That way you can impress your florist with doing a little homework !
I can look at them a million times, and always feel newly inspired. Just looking at them makes me feel happy! It was a good day!

Back to work

After almost a month off to welcome our newest little boy to the family, we were back to work with Chris and Huong's wedding. Boy are we pumped for the fall season! Next week we have 3 weddings; so the work begins tomorrow with preparations for several hundred Hydrangeas and several hundred roses to arrive.

Here are just a few photo highlights from this weekend's wedding.

A beautiful Bella Manse cake.A garland of Marlyse coral roses with Lemon leaves and Baby's Breath for the Head Table.

A large vase of Standard Callas from the altar was then placed on the head bridal table.

More pictures can be seen on Planned Perfections' website. Jonnaysa was the coordinator and was able to get some nice flower shots. Thanks J!!!