Saturday, June 27, 2009

J&D Engagement Story and Wedding Trailer Post 4

Derek Dienner along with Matthew Tennison have produced together Doug and Jessie's Engagement Story that was shown at their reception.
Derek has since produced a 3o second trailer of the wedding video to come.
Both can be viewed here:

****click the pause " button to fully load the video for uninterupted viewing.

Thanks Derek and Matthew for giving us such wonderful memories to re-live over and over again. These two guys are terrific at what they do, not to mention the nicest guys in the world.
(Next to my new son in law!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jessie and Doug's wedding-post#3

Jessie is just beginning her walk down the aisle with her dad, biting her lips to keep from crying when she sees Doug standing there waiting for her.

Click here to view the slideshow :

I think I've watched that slideshow at least 20 times in the past 24hrs. Thanks Matthew, this mom really needed that!

Now for some random, out-of-order pictures.....just because...

Thanks to my friend Steff for taking these shots. Close-up of Erika's bouquet and some random flower pictures.
Doug's sister, Sondra on the left, and roomate BJ on the right (scratching her nose:) Lisa is in-between. Their cute dresses are from J.Crew. Yeah, these are candid shots from my friend; not Matthew's work, but I still love them. Also Jacob, Doug's nephew, and our little friend Asher at the wagon. Mike and Hudson in the background.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

'The Smoker's' Post #2

This is where it all begins. Doug's dad and I spent 3 hrs. planting 12 flats of white pansies to create an entrance for the Bride and her bridesmaids as well as the parade of children. We would later hang flowers in little jars in the trees above the bride and groom.
We obtained beautiful wooden benches for our ceremony from Central Manor Campmeeting Assn. Camp meeting is a special childhood memory for Jessie. The benches look better than chairs in this setting.
This is my mom and dad enjoying the chocolate cigars we made as a gift from the' Smokers'

Our sweet little flower girls enjoying some appetizers while waiting to go to the children's tent for a kid's dinner of chicken fingers, mac n' cheese, tater tots and applesauce-then off for a bug-hunt, a scavenger hunt and a candy scramble. These little girls said that Stephanie Fisher was the best babysitter they ever had!!
More pictures coming soon.
Check out the slideshow that Matthew Tennison has posted!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post #1-Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Doug Smoker

Don't they look so happy???

Thank you Matthew Tennison for supplying some of these images to me. They are pure gold!

Please look a his blog for more at:

Jonnaysa is checking on the Bride and Groom to see if there is anything they need before they sneak away to their little getaway spot for some time alone before the reception.

Jonnaysa Kirkham and assistant Marah- wedding planning

Matthew Tennison and assistant Steve- -photographers & video photography

Rosie Rohrer- - fabulous wedding cakes

Claudia Himes and staff- -beautiful linens

A small part of the head Bridal Table decor.

The parade of children that Jessie and Doug love.

Kole, Hudson and Max, pushed by Eli

The person in the background is artist Nancy Perotti painting on- site
something special for the Bride and Groom.
Jacob and Asher pull the wagon... then the little flowers girls are
carefully dropping petals before the Bride. They all did a great job!

That's all for now. Much, much, much more to come!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We're in the Knot again!

Thanks to Melissa and Rob Banta and Amanda Kraft photography for submitting to the Knot this beautiful wedding at Lauxmont Farms Sunken Garden. Melissa was such a beautiful bride. Everything was a beautiful sky blue, including the cake which was made by Rene of Bella Manse. We had South American blue Hydrangeas pretty! This was also a feature in the wedding blogs and
a few months ago.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Computer is Fixed, Yay!!! Catching up on Posts

This bride loves the rich fall colors but her wedding was in the spring. So we added some purple and coral and it worked perfectly for the colors at Lancaster Country Club. Epic Photography did an awesome job and shared these images with me. Jonnaysa Kirkham of Planned Perfection made sure everything went smoothly. Isn't this one bunch of beautiful girls????

Place Card Table

Bride's Bouquet

Head Table
Need to back-up a little bit. Here's the image of the DIY Lingerie Shower invitations that Amy made for Jessie's shower.
And for the sake of those that didn't see the rest in a previous post..........
The Centerpiece

The Cake Bra and Panties Cookie Favors
So much fun!
Anybody wanting to borrow these cookie cutters just call me, but here's a little warning.........They take endless hours to make!!!!!!!!!!!! But worth it. They're yummy!

One of our Spring Tulip Weddings.
I Love these colors!

Well, only 10 days from today, June3rd, till Jessie and Doug's wedding. I can't believe it's here, and I get to be the Mom this time. My wonderful 'Team Beautiful' consisting of Amy& Lindsay-my daughters, Joyce, Barb, Lynne, Bailey, Lindsay G. will make sure the flowers and details are beautiful, And the wonderful team of Jonnaysa and Marah will make sure everything goes smoothly while I relax and watch them work their magic. What a team!
I have nothing in the world to worry about on this one! I won't be taking pictures, but I'm sure lots of others will be. Check Jonnaysa's blog for the first ones. That girl blogs right away-sometimes the very same night!! Is she passionate about her work or what!?!?!?