Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free Spirit

That's the name of this  gorgeous  rose.
Christina, the beautiful bride carried Free Spirit Roses,  yellow Ranunculus, lavender Stock,   purple  mini Callas, and white Freesia
The ceremony was held at St. John Neumann Catholic Church  and reception at Lancaster Country Club.
It's so nice to just  drive across the street  to the reception!!   Don't have to worry if I need something  else.
Bridesmaids carried Free Spirit Roses,  2 shades of purple Stock, hot pink Motso Moto Asters and yellow Spray Roses

                                                                     High centerpieces  

Low Centerpieces

Special touches.....................
Rosie's  Creative Cake is always a show piece!

Escort Card  Table became a coffee bar  later  in the evening.
Lots of flowers all over the Country Club.  On the patio, in the lounges, in the ladies'  rooms, a Memory table and  on both bars.  Linens  by Special Occasions, of course~none prettier!
Congratulations to Christina and David


Friday, August 12, 2011

Loving Orchids

To0 tired to blog.  Just a couple pics. this week.  Don't know when I will ever get rested enough.

Monday, August 8, 2011


  A  week ago today I said " Good-bye for now" to my mom.  The second hardest thing I've ever had to do.
 Still young, as age goes; an unexpected  illness crept up on her and cut her life short leaving us shocked, dismayed and quickly causing me to look at how very precious and fleeting our lives are.
 I understand the great value in showing those in our circle of  love  how much they mean to us.  Simple random acts of kindness, encouraging words, lots of smiles and lots of  'face-time'.  I'm  talking about  eye contact, open ears/open heart - time.  I know how much it means to hear the words "I'm proud of you".  Nobody dislikes hearing that.

  The sudden illness sent me quickly to my mom's bedside in Florida with 2 weddings  for the weekend.      Team  Beautiful dropped everything to be briefed on all the details.  I informed both Brides, and  was on my way  knowing that my business wouldn't miss a single beat.   
  It was so comforting that  my  flower-girl friends;  Lori, Carmen and Carol  were here to fill in where needed, even though they had weddings to do themselves.  Thank you friends, so very much.
 As the events unfolded, I was able to return Thursday; in time to assist my team a 'little'.  I made the Bride's bouquets, and delivered them.   No need for me really, they had it all under control.  I know the Bride's were thankful I was back, but seriously- my girls are awesome and I'm certain they could run this business without me.
  One thing I found to be true is that some  florists don't like working for other florists.  They can spot us a mile away,  I think.  I walked in one shop to place an order and I could tell she didn't appreciate that I knew flowers.  I didn't even have to tell her what I do.  I got the cold- shoulder quickly.  So needless to say I sadly walked out.  Then I found a friendly flower shop.  She didn't care if I was a florist- I just lost my mother and she felt my sorrow.  Here is what she created for my Mom with a 3hr. notice.........
 And on a happy note-  We had a display of Mom's favorite activities, one being  a 'Red Hatter".  My Dad has such hope and a great vision of heaven that he tried to make us all smile for Mom, so he wore her hat home from the church. 
All I can say is:  Thank God for Mom and Dad, and for the assurance of Heaven.