Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vicky and Dave's wedding

I just got the cutest picture emailed to me from Vicky.

Photos by Candid Moments

Vicky chose Tulips, Roses and Stephanotis for her bouquet and Tulips for the bridesmaids. The flower girl carried a tiny bouquet of pink Spray Roses. Looks to me like she's feeling so pretty!

Tulips surround the outside of a hurricane for the centerpieces.

Along with these pictures Vicky sent me the most beautifully written letter of thanks.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Time For Giving

I received a request to supply centerpieces for the 20th year Celebration Banquet and fund raising benefit at the Eden Resort for The Gathering Place. It was my privilege to be involved in such a wonderful evening. Close to 300 generous people attended. Those that have supported them for 20 years, and some that were finding out for the first time about this place of hope and help.
Bob and Melanie Lewis have been in Lancaster city off of East King street where the one-way alleys are a bit uncomfortable for most of us suburbanites. That is where they lovingly welcome the homeless and helpless souls infected with HIV that come to their door countless times a day. There is food for emergencies, someone to drive the sick to the doctor or hospital, a place for their children to feel safe and loved; where they'll find a warm coat or blanket, and toys and good videos to watch while their mommies and daddies get the help they need. Many nights they are wakened by a phone call with a cry for them to hold the hand of someone taking their final breath, then often conducting the funerals of those that lost their fight with AIDS. They do as much as they can for elderly parents, children, and grandchildren that are affected by the disease. They make sure the children have Christmas presents and a turkey for dinner. They aren't afraid of touching, hugging or praying for them. Melanie and Bob have a gentle way of comforting and giving hope to those who just need someone to listen to their heartaches.

Have you ever heard about them? Probably not, unless you have needed them. If you find it in your heart to make a difference ...dare to drive down the narrow street in the city to 440 Pershing Ave. This is who you will greet you at the door......

The most loving people in the world will show you lots of ways you can help right here in our own wonderful city.
Here's to at least another 20 years of making a big difference. We love you Bob and Mel, thanks for all you do.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What can be better than a wedding??

Only one thing.....a baby! Finally our little Hudson has arrived and I am officially 'GG'.
Here is a picture of us shortly after his birth.
My daughter Amy is my business manager and the mommy of this precious little man.
Life just got richer for the whole Steadman family. Hudson will have a little cousin to grow up with in about 4 months when our second daughter Lindsay gives birth to her son. My cup runneth over!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Erin and Tom's wedding

Amy, Lynne, Denise and I had so much fun working on this wedding. Erin and her parents gave me "design- freedom" using a few of their favorite flowers in the colors she loved and said "just make it interesting and contemporary, use cube vases, and make sure you include limes".

Erin's dad asked if I would "do them a favor", and attend the reception. They are the nicest people, how could I say no? So besides a wonderful evening at the Revere Tavern, I was able to see just how hard a "first class" wedding coordinator works! She barely got to enjoy 2 bites of her dinner. From her enthusiasm and confidence, I could tell she had done her homework. This girl really has a passion for what she does!
She kept a perfectly -timed schedule for everything that the couple wanted to happen during the evening. I heard the photographer thanking her for how great she was to work with, and the staff at the Revere Tavern told her she was doing a great job. The DJ would have missed having his dinner if she hadn't noticed that he wasn't at the table at the right time. He was very grateful, and told her so. Erin's parents told me that she was the smartest choice they made concerning the entire wedding, and thanked me for sending them to her. I heard Erin's grandmother thank her for how wonderful she was to make sure everyone in the family enjoyed the day without worries. I was delighted to see her in operation, and was more than impressed with her professionalism and how she stayed on top of everything without being a 'wedding-Nazi'; as the photographer at our table described some of his experiences with wedding coordinators. So who is this "first class" coordinator? She is the one we will hire for our daughter's wedding:

Jonnaysa Kirkham of Planned Perfection

She took several shots of the wedding and added them to her blog. She's a much better photographer than I, so check her website blog for more (and better) flower pictures.
Oh, and one more sure to spend quality "non-wedding" time with your fiance during your engagement. It's your whole life together you should be planning-not just one special day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A peek at this week's wedding flowers.

Erin is a 30 year-old architect that does not want cookie -cutter wedding style. Take a look at some of these flowers as they finish maturing and opening in my shop, and next week I'll show you what we did to transform these buckets and vases full of flowers into Erin's uniquely designed wedding.

Mango and Yellow Mini-Callas for the Bride.....

Pin-cushion Protea are grown in Australia, and are the most interesting thing. These were presented to the gold medal winners in the Olympics.

Orange Babe Spray Roses and Hypericum berries.................

Swartzwalder Mini Callas are a deep, purple-ly black color. So beautiful and artistic.

Here's the difference between Calla Lilies and Mini -Callas. Check out the length and flower head size on these Green Goddess Callas!

Miniature Red Pineapples for the centerpieces.................

More flowers on the processing table while we wait for them to open.

Processing begins for most flowers on Wednesday, then further prep and some design work Thursday. Bouquets and centerpeices are designed on Friday so they are as fresh as possible for your wedding day.

Check in next week for the pictures of Erin and Tom's wedding.