Tuesday, March 25, 2014

.......and Here She Is!

It's been sooo long since my last post.  Camera issues and lack of time to blog are among the lame excuses I have for anyone following this wedding flower blogger.  Weddings are still my mainstay, but between working on weddings, having fun with the 3 little boys, and now my sweet little Macie girl...... plus restoring a 1972 Serro Scotty is there any wonder I have not written a blog for almost a year and a half???? 

  Dahlia Louise aka: 'Louise' and/or ' Little Lulu'  has been such a delight to me.  She's been finished since last June and had several camping adventures. Two with girlfriends & daughters and one night with the man that made her beautiful; Jerry the Great.

 Professionally painted just like the way she was as brand new (as far as I can tell).  Everything was safety inspected and she's ready to travel. Can I tell you how I nervously tailgated behind her on her first trip to the Pequea Creek Campground!!!
Very, very cool nearby place to camp, by the way.)
 Second journey:  Otter Creek Campground.  Love this one too, with so much super cool stuff to do in and around the area.  I could (almost) live there in Louise year round.
 She's been snuggled in my "Flower Shop" all safe, warm and dry.  All that winter threw at us wasn't going to harm my little dream house!  

  Last summer all set up in our back yard under the Dogwood tree she became my 'happy place'.  I watched all three seasons of Downton Abby, took power- naps in between  marathons of 20-30 centerpieces and countless bouquets, sipped some sweet wines and was awakened by little taps on my screen door from cute "little people" and neighbors that were hoping for a little hang-out time in my little tin-can piece of heaven.  Ahh, I'm a very, very happy girl. 
So I know you want to see inside..........................................................................            

    Let me just say I was going for a vintage- minimal style rather than cutesy-tutsy.  I like things as original as possible, so I kept as much as I could just as it was in '72, but wanted it to but comfy & uncluttered.  Absolutely no interior paint. Minor floor repair, and some wall repair.  Stove, hood & table are original.  Sink, faucet and back splash replaced with stainless steel.  I'll take some pictures of her converted to the boudoir next time. (Oh so cozy!)
 Oh, and one more thing:  there will always be a tiny little bouquet of fresh posies on her tiny table, and a little wine in her fridge. Always.
Hope you like it!