Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rainy reception at Lime Spring Farm

Lime Spring Farm's tent site has a solid floor so on this very rainy day this reception was
still nice and dry. 
On the bride's list of favorite flowers were Sunflowers and Hydrangeas.  She came to me with linen samples they had chosen with her uncle Mark, a DC event planner.  My job was to figure out how to make her favorite flowers work with her favorite linen choices.
This linen from Special Occasions, called 'Fiesta' was just right for Sunflowers. We added swirls of gold wire to the vase to replicate the design in the linen.

This linen called 'Indigo Crush' was just right for the Hydrangeas.

The other linen was called 'Ice Blue', which you can see in the background.  It was a silvery blue. With those  we used tall silver Mint Julep vases with Bells of Ireland and cobalt blue Delphinium called Volkenfreiden. 
 (I can't find that image)  Those 3 linens together with green napkins all around made for a very colorful reception, which was enhanced with special lighting by the pros at Shumaker, PDT. 
High- five to Amy, Lindsay G. &  Jessie for doing terrific work in the pouring rain and ankle- deep mud on 2 big weddings, and all with a great positive attitude.
A total of 66 tables between the 2.  Girls, you are the best! 

Photographer for the day was Daniel Mast

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lemon- themed reception at Landis Valley

A rainy Saturday wedding at Landis Valley.  It seems rain is in the sky and mud is on the ground every single time we have a wedding there.   Amy and I in our flip-flops and Jessie and Lindsay in their cute little 'Wellies' came already soaking wet from the first wedding that day at Lime Spring Farm. ( I'll post those pictures next week). The next day Jessie came over with a gift of  my very own cute little pair of  Wellies for any future wet Wandis Walley weddings. 

  Above are a few details of an otherwise very lovely wedding.  The bridesmaids wore blue dresses and carried yellow Mini Callas.  The Bride's bouquet was all white mini Callas. So rainy I forgot to get pictures of bouquets!
-First is the Ring Bearer's box.  We painted a wooden box black and covered it with yellow button Mums and tied it up with black ribbon. 
-The next is 2 buckets of  rain- no just kidding...... it's floating flowers and candles placed at the beginning of the ceremony aisle.  The wedding was to be held in the grove, but because of rain it took place in the barn; therefore the candles couldn't be lit.  You must hire a 'candle-watcher'  from LV because of the historic value of the barn.
- The couple came to Landis Valley from West Chester and brought with them the catering company called appropriately, "Limoncello".  The centerpieces  called for yellow Lilies, and of course Lemon slices. 
We had to get out of the rain before the favors were put out, so we have no pictures, however they were bottles of homemade Limoncello liquer made by the couple themselves. 
- Yellow Gladiolas and Curly Willow branches are set in place for the Bruschetta/ Anitpasta tables, as well as tall footed cylinders of Lemons and Lilies and button Mums for buffet tables in the barn after the wedding.
       Congratulations to Tony and Julia!  I know the rain didn't spoil their wedding day one bit!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage Style

Mixing it up a little bit with reception pictures first.

My assistant Lynne loves the assignment to be on "the hunt" for wedding related items.  This time she was 'head over heels' excited to be hunting down Milk Glass for vintage styled centerpieces.  She found so many beautiful pieces that she just couldn't pass a single one by.... so guess who has a 'boat-load' of great milk glass!?  Centerpiece flowers were South American blue Hydrangea, and local blue Hydrangea with green Hypericum.
                The 'Quilled' table numbers, a vintage art, were handmade by the bride and her mom. 

The Bride's bouquet was designed with green Hydrangea, White Lisianthus, and white Majolika Spray Roses and green Cymbidiums.

Bridesmaids carried bouquets of blue Hydrangea, green Cymbidium, Dendrobium and Hypericum.
3 Beautiful sisters:  Haley, Kelsey and Whitney
         Thank you for the privilege of doing another Brown family wedding.  Always a pleasure!
Another gorgeous cake by Rosie Rohrer

Friday, July 9, 2010

Just a few minutes

No time to write tonite with 2 huge weddings in the morning, but wanted to post some images that
Nicola Herring sent to me of Carrie and Chris' wedding 2 wks. ago.
The bride carried white Ranunculus, Majolika Spray Roses and Viburnum.
Bridesmaids carried Cool Water Roses, pink Majolika Spray Roses, and Alchemilla.
Groom's Boutt. was a white Ranunculus.  More later, whenever I find some free time!
Thanks for staying with me, I'll catch up someday soon.