Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks With a Grateful Heart

Thank you to Thomas Beaman photography for these images.
Time again to ponder all the things that I'm thankful for.  My list is very long, so if you don't like 'reading' blogs (like me), then you won't like this post.  There is only one picture this time.
   First of all, I'm thankful for the great life I have.  The gifts of my supportive and loving husband, 3 wonderful daughters, my 3 sons in law, and my  little guys Hudson and Kole. And my loving parents.  My dear friend just had to say "See you later, Dad"  this week and that makes my parents even more cherished right now. 
  To be chosen and trusted  by dozens and dozens of couples to be a part of their wedding day is something I am truly grateful for.  Not only is it a career that I have, but every week I am able to work with the most incredible wonders and beauty of nature.  I'm blessed with very talented and hard working staff that do everything they can to follow the motto on my shop's chalkboard:  "Make it Beautiful!"  
  My fellow florist friends. We help each other with resources for products,  share our inventory when needed, , go on field trips, have lunch to "talk shop", and even send clients to each other.  Six of us enjoyed having a group photo shoot together for  Lancaster Magazine.  Thanks to Martine of House of Clarendon for making it all happen at Cork Factory.  It was the first time I met the owners of Flowers by Paulette, Splints and Daisies, and Country Flowers.  And it was great to see the owner of Petals With Style and Flowers of Mount Joy.  We're all in this together and there is so much to gain by being friends.  No need to feel competitive or jealous over each other's successes.  We all work very, very hard to be the very best we can.  We all know what it's like to pull all-nighters, and how it feels to be at the end of wedding season.  
 I'm thankful for the kindness of Mari Beth (Flowers by Paulette).  She went right to her shop after the photo shoot and handmade a ribbon banner for me for my  friend's dad's funeral.  No charge, just a random act of kindness.  In these days  of worrying about the economy and the competition it is just so good to be a part of a group of  'wedding people' who march to the beat of a different drummer. 
  One more thing I'm thankful for is my blog readers.  Thank you for taking an interest in what we're doing at All Things Beautiful.  For making the time and effort it takes to blog worth it.  I hope you take the time to make your 'Thankful List" too.  Happy Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Designer's Choice

Purple Anemone

The Bride's Bouquet- white Dahlias, Freesia, Roses and Buplurem

Bridesmaids wore brown and carried bouquets of  Amber and Circus Roses, Hypericum, Kangaroo Paws, Anemones, Mini Gerbera and Dusty Miller
Boutts. were Safari Sunset Leucadendron and Seeded Eucalyptus

The bride is a Doctor, the groom is a renown Chef.  They came all the way from Colorado to be married at the Casa di Fiori near their families.  When I met with the bride she said ...." Make my bouquet all white. To the Groom's boutt.  add chili peppers. Use  fruits and vegetables in the centerpieces, and make it bright colors- "Designer's Choice"!   So the colors at the venue work perfectly for this wedding.  Special Occasions Linens dressed the tables beautifully.
We added artichokes, kale, peaches, plums and white pumpkins with Sunflowers, Roses, Hypericum, Parrot Tulips, Mini Gerbera, Lilies, Hydrangea, Curly Willow, Esclepias, Anemones to name just about half of it.
  What a pleasure working with a bride that gives us design liberties. Thank you Dr. Thomas ,and may God bless you with a very happy marriage ( and a lifetime of having your husband making you fabulous dinners!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gorgeous, Classy ,Spooky & Fun

It's a Halloween wedding done in a classy, yet fun way.  Melissa, a nurse and Justin, a teacher planned a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony with a fun Halloween reception at Casa di Fiori at Leola Village Inn.  The ceremony took place in front of the fireplace.
Candy Corn Topiaries, made by Amy,  for the Escort Card Table. 
Later, Jasmine Clouser of Couture Cakery would come to transform this table into an amazing dessert and candy buffet.

Beautifully decorated lighted pumpkins line the aisle.
The bride carried a bouquet of deep dark purple Swartzwalder mini Callas, Uluhe Fern Shoots with sparkling accents, Moon Shade and Moon Vista Carnations and Cymbidium Orchids.
Bridesmaids wore beautiful gray dresses and carried bouquets of Mini Callas, Stock, mini Cymbidium Orchids, Italian Ruscus, and  a collar of Mini Hearts Monstera leaves.
  The bride wanted something 'different' than the traditional round bouquet.
Flower Girls carried spheres of green Poms and Tissue Statice.

Sparklers even look great before it's dark!
Justin carefully lifts all the layers of Melissa's beautiful gown into the limo.
Then after the sparkler exit, the guests exit and returned in costumes to celebrate the rest of the evening.
When Justin and Melissa made their grand entrance they were wearing crowns with Shrek ears.  So fun!
You'll definitely love the images that Jeremy Hess Photographers will be posting!!!
A few centerpieces were little lanterns with moss, candles and floating Dendrobium Orchids.
The rest of the centerpieces were large silver candelabra from Eagle Rentals wrapped with a garland of Amnesia and Black Bacarra Roses, Green Mini Hydrangea, Antique Hydrangea and Orchids.  The table numbers were uniquely made with cut-outs and a purple light inside to make it glow.
The gift card 'Coffin'. ..... "Deposit Souls Here", it says.
A shower gift from the Groom's Mother.  The groom is putting a spider ring on the bride's finger.

Byers Butterflake Bakery-mmmmm!

Sweets and Treats by Jasmine Clouser of Couture Cakery.
Great working with you on this, Jasmine!
And thank you to Team Beautiful:  Amy, Lynne, Jesssie, Joyce, and Rose Marie -3 big weddings this weekend with energy to spare! 
Best wishes to Melissa and Justin.
The other 2 weddings will be posted in the coming weeks.