Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chocolate and Pink

Each bridesmaid carried a different shade of pink roses. Left to right: Light Orlando, Topaz,
Esther, Espirit and Aqua. Looks so pretty with chocolate.
Bride's Bouquet was Engagement Roses, white Mini Callas, and Alchemilla. Fall wedding season is soon here and we have some exciting ones coming up; 2 of which are at the new Marriott/Lanc. Convention Center, then the Best of Weddings on Nov. 22.

Monday, August 24, 2009

An all B & W Wedding

Bride's Bouquet of White Peonies, Tulips, Mini Callas and Viking Poms. This wedding will be in the Knot soon. shot this one in Harrisburg in May and submitted her work. This is 'our shot' of the bride's bouquet. I'll be posting when the issue hits the stands. Kris' photography is always being chosen for publication, we're just the lucky ones to have done the flowers! Thanks Kris, again......... and if you can book her, let me tell you; you're one lucky couple to have her document your wedding day!

Each bridesmaid's bouquet was a single kind of flower, and each centerpiece was a different white flower and that's how each table was named rather than numbered.

Here's a simple idea for high top cocktail tables................ .... mini Cymbidium Orchids in a wide cylinder vase. So many colors to choose from. You could float a candle on top too.

And now to show off my little birthday boy Kole. He has such a happy heart and will wear any hat you put on him. We'll probably be in trouble for the fuzzy birthday crown in a few years, but he's GG's boy!

Hudson is 16mos, going on 3 yrs. . He's adventurous, curious and calls me 'Gig-ee' These little guys "melt my heart like a popsicle on the 4th of July",
( as quoted by Darla in the 'Little Rascals').
Busy wedding week. Hope I get chance to take pictures of flowers, we'll see......................

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Postcards and other random good stuff.

Jessie and Doug's thank you postcards just arrived. Matthew added the 'Thank you' to the image.

Thank you to all my blog -followers for your nice comments and emails. And thank you for still reading my blogs even when they are still peppered with my own daughter and son-in-laws' wedding pictures. I have so many that I love that I will probably eventually have posted all-777 of them!....just kiddin.
My new postcards took this shot of Jessie's bouquet I made for her pre-bridals. Orange roses, yellow Ranunculus and pink & white Sweet Peas. This is one of my personal favorite bouquets of all time. It's the colors I love. The Ranunculus and Sweet Peas were no longer available at wedding -time, so Jessie was very happy to have them at least for her pre-bridals. Kris added my logo and made them into my new postcards.

Centerpieces from last week's wedding. South American blue Hydrangea and green Spider mums.

The Knot magazine

Hershey Gardens and Hershey Country Club.

This image board was chosen to be published in the Knot magazine. Kris's photography (KMphotography), and our floral designs. Thanks again Kris. Not sure what month it will be in, but it's our 4th time to be in the magazine. The bride, Amy chose a very light pink colored rose called 'Sahara', and white mini Gerbera daisies. We add crystals to the centers. Some tables had 3 vases of flowers in orange, purple and green. The bar had a 24" cylinder vase full of limes, and purple Gerbera daisies. Thank you Kris!!

So much good stuff coming up for us this fall. That's the up-side of summer winding down!


Monday, August 10, 2009

An Eden Resort Reception/Rewind a few weeks.

It was a wedding at Highland Presbyterian church with

a Bride & Groom

a Flower Girl and a Ring Bearer.

No bridesmaids or Groomsmen.

Very simple but very beautiful.

110 Guests

All white flowers.
The bride, so classy and elegant.

An antique Bentley.

Jeremy Hess and assistant Nicola to document the day.

Showing a very small portion of the Head Table flowerscape. We used Jumbo size white Phaleanopsis Ochids, Green and White Dendrobium Orchids, green Mini Hydrangea, garlands of glass beads and pillar and votive candles running down the length of the large square table.

Elegant linens were provided by Special Occasions.

Guest Tables with our brand new 24- inch footed cylinder vases we're now offering for rental.

South American white Hydrangea, white LA lilies, white Dendrobium Orchids, Green Mini Hydrangeas and Aspidestra. (very poor quality picture, I'm not a photographer!!!)

Jeremy Hess will be posting much better images soon-check it out! Two of the tall cylinder vases from the ceremony at the church were placed in the windows of the Presidential Ballroom at the Eden Resort.

Can you guess who made the cake??? Rosie Rohrer, of course! This bride is from the south, so Rosie made gum paste Southern Magnolias. Beautiful!

I wish I had bouquet pictures, but we were so busy that I delivered it to the bride before I remembered to take a picture. She carried white Akito Roses, white Lisianthus, white Cymbidium Orchids accented with crystals.

The flower girls bouquet was white Lisianthus.

As always, it was pure pleasure to be working at the Eden Resort. Thank you to first-class staff leaders of Mike and Cindy for making our job there so pleasant and convenient.

Thank you too, to my "Team Beautiful": Amy, Joyce, Lynne, Lindsay, Denise for 2 jobs well done.

The other wedding (Lauren and Brian's -in Mount Joy, with a Hamilton Club reception is now posted on

I'll post a few shots of ours in a few days.

Rewind: August 1

The couple is from London, and came all the way to be married at Lauxmont Farms to be near the bride's family.

The bride loved the aqua colors in the ceiling of the rotunda, so she wanted to work with it, along with her favorite colors : Coral and orange. It was a unique combination; but I really loved it. The groom was born in South Africa so the bride wanted to carry the Pincushion Protea, as it is the National Flower. It also included large green Cymbidium Orchids, and orange Nora Brown Mokara Orchids.

Bridesmaids carried blue and white Hydrangea, orange Pincushion Protea and Coral Movie Star Roses. The stems were wrapped in aqua ribbon coordinated with the dresses.
Centerpieces were Hydrangeas, Movie Star roses and Pincushion Proteas.

This wedding business is so great, meeting people from all over the world and the thing that makes every single one alike in one huge way is : LOVE How awesome is that!

Monday, August 3, 2009

More Wedding Details

We planted hundreds of white Pansies and Impatiens to create the aisle. If you ever need best quality garden flowers for you wedding~ Eve's Garden, just a few miles past Millersville in Central Manor is the place to get them. Eva Diller, the owner has the healthiest most beautiful garden flowers. She will custom fill your garden pots or grow flats and flats of the flowers you need.
Fruit, cheese and bread sticks butlered in wine glasses. Jessie's Grammy Rosie and I handmade 300 chocolate cigars wrapped in foil and finished with a personalized cigar band. They were displayed on a table in cedar cigar boxes of all types with personalized yellow match boxes. An appropriate favor since their name is 'Smoker', huh?

Jessie found a vintage -type initial pin and some blingy brooches to imbed in the buttercream layers.
Bands of sugar crystals were at the base of each layer. Rosie Rohrer asked her to bring a paint sample of the color she wanted the cake to be, and she made it a perfect match!

The fantastic catering staff is serving dinner in the 'kids tent'. They had very their own menu of chicken fingers, tater tots, mac 'n cheese, applesauce and juice. They loved it! They could color, wiggle and have fun while mom and dad had dinner under the big tent. After they were finished they had a 'Bug Hunt' with their favors of bug nets and bug boxes, a candy scramble and a scavenger hunt. Then they posed for pictures with the banner that said ........."and they lived happily ever after'.
When asked what their favorite part of the wedding was, Asher and Sophia said" gettin' babysitted!!" A zillion thank -you's to Stephanie Fisher and her assistant for the babysitting services. She did a terrific job keeping the little guys safe and very, very happy!

Call me for her contact info. if you need someone to make it extra fun for your little wedding guests!

Strings of paper flowers hung from the top of the kid's tent. After dinner they are working on making a special book for the bride and groom, which was so cute.

The special tent ceiling lighting with the leaf pattern similar to the invitations, and entrance fabric draping was done by the crew from

They also worked out the mechanics for my hanging tulips over the favor table. They are the ones to talk to for all of your sound and special effects needs. They also project light patterns on the dance floor. What they did really made the difference between a nice tent and a beautiful tent! And speaking of tents: owner Ron Sparks was terrific. They have beautiful sheer sides and pole covers that really make the tent look finished.

Maid of Honor and Best Man, Erika and Brian passing thru the draped tent entrance. Thanks Louise from Shumaker, PDT.

This was the seating card design that we came up with to keep extra paper clutter off of the tables. The patterned paper was strung on colorful ribbons and hung from wrought iron rods and hooks and anchored in the ground. This hung outside of the tent entrance.

We preferred long tables and natural wood chairs rather than white ones for the outdoor setting.
Matthew Tennison took 777 pictures, and I'll never post them all on the blog, but seriously we couldn't have been any more delighted with his work.
Choosing the right photographer for your wedding .........priceless!!!