Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Colorful Autumn Wedding

I'm so excited to post this week's wedding flowers because the colors are so cheerful, this bride is the sweetest thing, and because my 4th daughter (not really, but I would take her if her mom would give her to me)-Erika was in this wedding. Erika is Jessie's best life-long friend, and we consider her a part of our immediate family, so I'll start with the picture of them.

Jessie was asked to coordinate this wedding, which she's quite good at, though doesn't do it for anyone but special friends. She also had the task of photographing the flowers and details for me, so she was a very busy girl. I am thrilled with her new hobby, and with the shots she took for my website and blog.

The bride's bouquet consists of Freedom Roses, white, orange and pink Ranunculus and large crystal- studded pearls with a collar of green Pittosporum. She told Jessie that she loves her bouquet so much she wants to take it to bed with her. Oh, thanks Chrissy-I'm so glad you loved it! She was one of those brides that said to me. "You pick the flowers to go with my red dresses. Just make it colorful and bright, I trust you." What fun that was!

Bridesmaid's bouquets were Freedom Roses, assorted colors of Ranunculus, Crocodile poms, and Monte Casino Asters.

The groom wore a white tux so he had a Freedom Rose and green Hypericum wrapped with black ribbon and a silver wire.Groomsmen carried bouquets...No just kidding. I don't know how Jessie managed to get this shot, but he looks like a really nice guy that doesn't mind having a little fun.

Here is what they really had for boutts. Orange Babe Spray roses, Yoko Ono Poms and a tiny little purple Aster with a Pittosporum leaf.On to the reception.....................Rice filled bubble bowls, pillar candles and pearls. We added petals and lots of colorful button -Mum blossoms.

Some Bridal table decor, and finally the cake. Made by Oregon Dairy.
Congratulations to Chrissy and Chillingy. May you be blessed with a lifelong happy marriage!

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steady1821 said...

Thanks mom. You're pretty great too! I'm glad I'm able to help capture how pretty your flowers and designs really are. Love you!