Sunday, December 7, 2008

Color It Yellow and Add Something Sentimental

It seems the new popular upcoming wedding color is 'yellow' including my own daughter's. A combination of yellow, pale orange, peach, light green and coral is what we will use for Jessie's color palette. That's all I'm telling. You'll have to wait till after June 13 to see everything else..... The above picture was shot by The Weibners,
and sent to me by the bride. Aren't they the prettiest pale yellow dresses? We used soft orange and cream roses for the bridesmaids.
The bride was given a tiny photo frame charm with a picture of their late mother to attach to her bouquet.

This bride added a pair of earrings and a necklace from the Groom's late grandmother's jewely collection.

This week I have a grandfather's necktie to wrap around the bride's bouquet stems. It doesn't match the color scheme but she doesn't care one bit, she wants to take a part of her grandfather down the aisle with her. I'll post that picture next week.

This Bride's bouquet has her childhood rosary attached.
One Bride's Grandmother cut her own wedding dress apart and made Wedding- Day hankies for each one of her grandaughters to add to their bouquets. She even added the lace and buttons.
So many thoughtful ways to bring some sentimental elements into your wedding.
Though the Christmas holidays approach, we are still in the wedding season. We have several 'winter' weddings ahead. Elements of snow and ice and fun!! We love winter weddings! Having a winter wedding next year? Check the Dec. Jan. Feb. posts for lots of 'cool' inspiration.

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