Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Wedding Salon, NYC

It was a great time together with Jonnaysa, Lindsey, Jill, Linda, Leslie, Kris, Joel and Mandy as we walked around NYC, had lunch together at Sax Fifth Avenue, relaxing in the lounge at the Roosevelt Hotel while waiting for the event to open.
Just as we came out of Penn Station and walked toward Rockefeller Center, we spot Mario Lopez taping for 'Extra'. Yep, we were that close. Lindsey said " his dimples are so deep he probably has to clean them with a Q-tip!

As we enter the over-crowded event, we are greeted by a 'tree-thing' that didn't talk, but handed us a little rolled up paper with a word of wisdom. Kinda creepy for a wedding, don't you think? Amy would have really not liked that at all!

Our next stop was to meet Sylvia Weinstock and to have a taste of her famous cake.
Of course the most interesting thing to me was the floral designs.
I felt somewhat disappointed that there weren't more.

A beautiful Asian table display.
This one looks like a giant floral ice cream come.

This one below is gigantic!
This was a canopy frame that was covered in 11oo Standard Callas! It was up-lit and breath-takingly gorgeous. Only in NYC!
As we were leaving another human plant -thing to bid us farewell. Then we all crashed on the steps of the hotel to try to lighten the 'goodie' bags they gave us for the long trip home. We look a little pooped- because we are. A little dinner at the Irish Pub and we're headed back to the train station.

Such a good time with some wonderful wedding friends. Thanks to Jill, Leslie and Lindsey for sharing your pictures with me. Till next field trip......happy wedding season friends!

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