Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Lingerie Bridal Shower

Two weeks ago the bridemaids, sisters and moms held a Lingerie Bridal Shower for Jessie.
Since the theme of the shower was lingerie I just had to try to make a bustier all made of flowers.

Kathy at Oregon dairy did a great job at making a bustier cake. Yummy!

I made the take -home favors of Jessie's favorite shortbread cookies, all decorated like fancy bras and panties.
Boy did she get some nice gifts! She's all set for the honeymoon! The party food was healthy and we laughed so much that none of the calories and fat in the cookies or cake mattered! Erika even made blue martinis and created some really fun games, then Lisa arranged for all the girls to spend the evening together at Spa Orange. How's that for a fun theme bridal shower?
Wedding season has begun and we're really happy about that....especially Jessie and Doug's in only about 6 weeks! Yikes!!!!

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