Monday, September 21, 2009

Patriot News Wedding Style Magazine

My husband 'just happened' to pick up the Harrisburg Patriot News at work and noticed a nice full-page feature on wedding planner, Jonnaysa Kirkham of Planned Perfection.  He had no idea the picture of the flowers was our work, he was just so excited to see Jonnaysa in the magazine, so he put it on the kitchen table for me to discover this morning.  What a nice surprise to wake up to.   Kris of KM was the artist behind the lens.  She always wows me with shots of the details.  Thanks both of you!

This week Lindsey, of Hamilton Ballroom is getting married, and we're designing her flowers!!  Her wedding is the first to happen at the new 'Cork Factory' venue.  I'll be sure to be posting some detail pictures.  (That is if I can get any decent shots!!)   

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