Monday, August 30, 2010

Nate and Christina at Hotel Hershey

Beautiful day, Stunning Bride, Handsome Groom, Hotel Hershey, Planned Perfection,
The Weibners, LaVon filmsSpecial Occasions,  House of Clarendon candy and dessert bar, Stationary by Designs by Renee + lots and lots of beautiful, colorful flowers =
 Dream Wedding.
Swartzwalder Mini Callas, Uluhe Fern shoots (monkey tails) with sparkle, Black Bacarra Roses that look like velvet and Charlene Rose are what Christina, the bride carried.
Bridesmaids dresses were the color of the stem wrap:  rich, dark red.
Cool Water, Black Bacarra, White Majolika Spray Roses, Osiana Roses, lavendar Sweet Peas,
Swartzwalder mini Callas and Chocolate Cosmos.

The Rock Garden Ceremony Site
White Hydrangea marked the rows and the petals of 300 Roses used to line the aisle.
Purple Dendrobium, Stock and Roses for the high centerpieces designed by Jessie and I.
2 Antique  Silver Candelabra with Roses, Stock and Amaranthus designed by Joyce for the Head Table.
This is only a small part of the Candy and Dessert Bar set up by Martine and his assistant of
Special chocolates from a York Chocolatier were mixed among Christina and Nate's childhood favorites.
This is the epitomy of  'Eye Candy'.  It just can't get any better than this.  Sugar Paradise.

Half of the Guest tables had Compotes with Crimson and Fuschia Stock, Green Hydrangea, red and lavendar Roses.  All placed on perfectly beautiful linens from Special Occasions

Many thanks to the excellent staff at Hotel Hershey for being very accomodating, helpful and friendly.
What a great day!

Best wishes to you Nate and Christina- it's been a delight!!

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