Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Liz & Vince

Love Liz & Vince!
.......and love their handmade look-alike cake top!

Liz and Vince had a beautiful wedding at Leola Village last weekend.  A very attractive couple; long -distance clients that I will really miss working with. They  choose  Lancaster County for their wedding because it's such a beautiful place to bring their family and friends from far-scattered places to relax and celebrate their wedding.
When talking about their wedding cake they asked if I had any ideas for how to finish it off without using any of those not-so-great boxed cake toppers- I had just the thing!  Showing them January's  blogpost of my 'Wedding of the Year' with the handmade paper cake top they said " We NEED that for our cake!".
This is the result. How fabulous, huh??
If you want one too, contact:

We forgot to take a picture of the bride's bouquet but did get one of the bridesmaids.  They wore cobalt blue and carried these:
Free Spirit Roses, Craspedia, Spider Mums, Ranunculus and Peonies.
It was such a busy wedding weekend we neglected to take pictures.  
Some centerpieces had Blue Vanda Orchids in tall footed vases.

And beautiful pink and white Peonies floating in compotes for some tables.  More pictures to come when available from their photographer,  Isabel March.

  What a blog-slacker I have been!  If only there were more than 24hrs. in each day, if only blogging didn't take me so long,  if only I  had a little' me-time'.....if only- if only.  It's wedding season and I will have the cold dreary months of winter to wish:  ' if only it were spring and wedding season again!'

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