Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Weddings 2012

Summer is fading and life is
settling down in our family after a long, hard year.  Everyone has things 
happen from time to time, and we soon find out that family is THE most precious thing we own.
I can proudly say that though we've gone through the worst of times, my wonderful team has been close by my side, working harder and longer making sure that the weddings on our schedule were given the same attention as if  "All is well'.
Each wedding, large or small, got 100% of our best.   Physicians, Architects, and an NFL player, just to mention a few of our VIPs made our year great in spite of difficulties.
It would take me weeks to write about all the weddings and the lovely couples we enjoyed getting to know; so for now I'm going to just post 'bunches' of pictures  in an effort to catch- up.
BTW:  Updating my website is 2nd on the list of things to do BEFORE spending mindless hours on Pintrest.
Now all my good friends need to hold me accountable to that little 'vow to self'!

Thank you to these great professional photographers who are all so special to me:

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