Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Northeast Floral Expo weekend

It was a great weekend for Lynne and I as well as our friend Carmen as we drove 6hrs. north to Hartford for terrific wedding and party workshops with famous European designers and other Master Floral designers. Took lots of pictures but here are just a few of my favorites.
- For your next party why not use jello for your colorful flower vases?! Green may be a bit St. Patty's, but it's a great idea for something different, and look how many colors of jello there are!
One terrific place to eat in downtown Hartford is 'Black-eyed Sally's '- It's the best BBQ ever, and what a fun atmosphere. Lynne got a kick out of the artwork!
Now we are excited and ready for the new wedding season, which begins this week for us. Look for pictures of Cindy and Matt's wedding next week.

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Jonnaysa Kirkham said...

jello huh!?! Sounds interesting! Love the pictures!