Sunday, April 13, 2008

Erin and Tom's wedding

Amy, Lynne, Denise and I had so much fun working on this wedding. Erin and her parents gave me "design- freedom" using a few of their favorite flowers in the colors she loved and said "just make it interesting and contemporary, use cube vases, and make sure you include limes".

Erin's dad asked if I would "do them a favor", and attend the reception. They are the nicest people, how could I say no? So besides a wonderful evening at the Revere Tavern, I was able to see just how hard a "first class" wedding coordinator works! She barely got to enjoy 2 bites of her dinner. From her enthusiasm and confidence, I could tell she had done her homework. This girl really has a passion for what she does!
She kept a perfectly -timed schedule for everything that the couple wanted to happen during the evening. I heard the photographer thanking her for how great she was to work with, and the staff at the Revere Tavern told her she was doing a great job. The DJ would have missed having his dinner if she hadn't noticed that he wasn't at the table at the right time. He was very grateful, and told her so. Erin's parents told me that she was the smartest choice they made concerning the entire wedding, and thanked me for sending them to her. I heard Erin's grandmother thank her for how wonderful she was to make sure everyone in the family enjoyed the day without worries. I was delighted to see her in operation, and was more than impressed with her professionalism and how she stayed on top of everything without being a 'wedding-Nazi'; as the photographer at our table described some of his experiences with wedding coordinators. So who is this "first class" coordinator? She is the one we will hire for our daughter's wedding:

Jonnaysa Kirkham of Planned Perfection

She took several shots of the wedding and added them to her blog. She's a much better photographer than I, so check her website blog for more (and better) flower pictures.
Oh, and one more sure to spend quality "non-wedding" time with your fiance during your engagement. It's your whole life together you should be planning-not just one special day.

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