Friday, April 18, 2008

What can be better than a wedding??

Only one thing.....a baby! Finally our little Hudson has arrived and I am officially 'GG'.
Here is a picture of us shortly after his birth.
My daughter Amy is my business manager and the mommy of this precious little man.
Life just got richer for the whole Steadman family. Hudson will have a little cousin to grow up with in about 4 months when our second daughter Lindsay gives birth to her son. My cup runneth over!!


Jonnaysa Kirkham said...

Oh, so beautiful! What a dear little blessing he is :) I can't wait to meet him.

Kelly F. said...

Oh, my! Congratulations GG!!! I am so happy for you and SO glad to also hear the wonderful news that Lindsay is expecting a little boy, too! God is good! Wonderful, wonderful.

If you hear from Scott and Junko at all, please let them know I am thinking of them.