Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amanda and Tyler's wedding

Amanda's color paltette was charcoal, orange and red. So she chose green Hydrangea, orange and red mini Gerbs and Mango mini Callas for her bouquet.

Each bridesmaid chose her own her own style dress in charcoal. We added a pop of color to their bouquets by adding Moonshadow mini Carns.

The popular Unity Sand table at the Altar.
Thanks to Stumptown Mennonite Church's wedding coordinator, Janet Groff for sending these pictures to me!
Their reception was at Leola Village Inn's Casa di Fiori. There we floated Standard Gerberas in orange and red. No pictures-forgot my camera!
Yesterday we were at Hershey Gardens and Hershey Country Club. Check out the for those images soon. Did I take pictures? Of course not... left the camera in my office once again! Good thing I'm not a photographer, huh???

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