Monday, August 10, 2009

An Eden Resort Reception/Rewind a few weeks.

It was a wedding at Highland Presbyterian church with

a Bride & Groom

a Flower Girl and a Ring Bearer.

No bridesmaids or Groomsmen.

Very simple but very beautiful.

110 Guests

All white flowers.
The bride, so classy and elegant.

An antique Bentley.

Jeremy Hess and assistant Nicola to document the day.

Showing a very small portion of the Head Table flowerscape. We used Jumbo size white Phaleanopsis Ochids, Green and White Dendrobium Orchids, green Mini Hydrangea, garlands of glass beads and pillar and votive candles running down the length of the large square table.

Elegant linens were provided by Special Occasions.

Guest Tables with our brand new 24- inch footed cylinder vases we're now offering for rental.

South American white Hydrangea, white LA lilies, white Dendrobium Orchids, Green Mini Hydrangeas and Aspidestra. (very poor quality picture, I'm not a photographer!!!)

Jeremy Hess will be posting much better images soon-check it out! Two of the tall cylinder vases from the ceremony at the church were placed in the windows of the Presidential Ballroom at the Eden Resort.

Can you guess who made the cake??? Rosie Rohrer, of course! This bride is from the south, so Rosie made gum paste Southern Magnolias. Beautiful!

I wish I had bouquet pictures, but we were so busy that I delivered it to the bride before I remembered to take a picture. She carried white Akito Roses, white Lisianthus, white Cymbidium Orchids accented with crystals.

The flower girls bouquet was white Lisianthus.

As always, it was pure pleasure to be working at the Eden Resort. Thank you to first-class staff leaders of Mike and Cindy for making our job there so pleasant and convenient.

Thank you too, to my "Team Beautiful": Amy, Joyce, Lynne, Lindsay, Denise for 2 jobs well done.

The other wedding (Lauren and Brian's -in Mount Joy, with a Hamilton Club reception is now posted on

I'll post a few shots of ours in a few days.

Rewind: August 1

The couple is from London, and came all the way to be married at Lauxmont Farms to be near the bride's family.

The bride loved the aqua colors in the ceiling of the rotunda, so she wanted to work with it, along with her favorite colors : Coral and orange. It was a unique combination; but I really loved it. The groom was born in South Africa so the bride wanted to carry the Pincushion Protea, as it is the National Flower. It also included large green Cymbidium Orchids, and orange Nora Brown Mokara Orchids.

Bridesmaids carried blue and white Hydrangea, orange Pincushion Protea and Coral Movie Star Roses. The stems were wrapped in aqua ribbon coordinated with the dresses.
Centerpieces were Hydrangeas, Movie Star roses and Pincushion Proteas.

This wedding business is so great, meeting people from all over the world and the thing that makes every single one alike in one huge way is : LOVE How awesome is that!

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