Sunday, February 21, 2010

Consultation Tips

        It's been a very busy week of consultations in preparation for the upcoming wedding season.  I'm very excited about all the beautiful weddings we are privileged to do this coming year, and quite frankly- I can't wait to get my hands on all the gorgeous flowers!
  I love bringing couples into my home, getting to know them and their style in order to help them create a beautiful wedding. I want you to see my surroundings and get to know me and my style to determine if you can trust me to bring flowers into your wedding day that you will still remember and be proud of on your 25th wedding anniversary.

Many Brides ask before they come...." what should I bring with me?"
Answer:  If you have the time; first do your homework.  It will make our consultation time very productive.
 * Ask your fiance to discuss with you the type of wedding that would best discribe your personalities and style. Would you like it to be dramatic or understated?  Do you picture it being formal, casual, modern, traditional or eclectic?  The flowers and designs you choose will set the tone and atmosphere as soon as your guests enter.

*  Think of the colors and flowers that you like; as well as dislike.  (ie. baby's breath, Carnations)

*  How about the style of bouquets?  Do you like round hand-tied bouquets, wildflower-tied bunches, cascading bouquets, tightly bunched solid flower bouquets, or loose & whispy bouquets with greens?

* It's always helpful to know your flower budget.  Flowers can range drastically in prices.  If you discuss your budget with your florist she can guide you toward the flowers that will fit within your budget, saving you both the time and frustration of coming up with a 'new plan'.

* Be flexible.  You may find a picture of a bouquet that you love which includes very pricey flowers.
Trust your florist to know what flowers can be substituted to acheive the same color story using less expensive flowers, but still giving you the  'look for less' that will photograph just as lovely.

* Complete my pre-consultation form.  When you book an appointment with me I will send you the link to my online pre-consult form.  Completing this form allows us to skip all the basic information, and get right to the fun part of choosing flowers.

I want a Bride to leave our consultation really 'feeling good' about what she has chosen.  If she does, then I've done the first part of my job well.  If not, I will honestly say that perhaps I'm not the best fit and I will recommend she meets with someone else.
 After all, I only get one chance to make your wedding day a beautiful one, and I do not want to fail!