Sunday, April 17, 2011

Design Show Favorites

To flower lovers this is breathtaking!  At first glance I thought it was a Begonia. With a  closer look I knew it was a Hydrangea. It's a' Japanese' Hydrangea. Yes, they're really grown in Japan and shipped to the US.  They're only available for about two weeks a year and are very, very expensive; but if I were a bride again I would have to have at least one of them in my bouquet.

                                         .........and some of these Helleborus
                                                 and a few of these gorgeous Dutch Peonies
                                                       and definitely these Coral Double Tulips
                                                                  some of these  Lisianthus
                                                      and lots of purple Fringed Tulips
                                          a few more of these Coral Double Tulips- they're just so amazing,
         Oh my! It might just end up as big as this bride's bouquet ~  I wouldn't be able to carry it!  Good thing I'm already married :). 
                                Wedding season is about to begin.  Happy Easter everyone!

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