Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding Stylist's Design Dilemna Vol. 1 Napkins

One thing to consider when designing your guest table decor; which is so often forgotten, is the dinner napkin. This photo is focused on the centerpiece of roses, but honestly, when first entering the room, it looked like 120 blackbirds landed on all the tables! Fancy-folded napkins are great to add character to a table that simply has a single taper candle in a plain glass candlestick. But napkins popping out of wine glasses, or shaped into little boats, teepees or hats is not so classy for a wedding.

A simple flat-fold placed over the edge of the table linen looks as handsome as a gentleman's necktie, and allows the centerpiece to be the focal point of the table.

One well-known Harrisburg venue made a flower fold with a beige napkin in all of the coffee mugs! It didn't work with the centerpieces at all. Not having time to re-fold 200+ napkins, we added a bright green pom to all the napkins at the bridal party's table. Thankfully Cali was a fun-loving bride and she didn't mind. She loves green!

If your napkin color blends in with the rest of the decor then a simple triangle -fold works nicely; like this coffee- inspired Bridal tablescape. The napkins are barely noticable.

See how the black triangle-fold napkin disappears into the black linens in this black, white and platinum color scheme? Love the look of those long feasting-style rows of tables! Big impact. My favorite way to fold a napkin is in an envelope. Clean, simple, elegant. Perfect for displaying the menu card. Embellished with a single blossom-you've got something classy that doesn't take the eye away from the centerpiece.

Now here is a classy way to dress up your place settings. A simple fold with a ring of copper wire and pearl accents. This one will be featured in the Knot magazine this fall. Kris McElligott, http://kmphotographywedding.com/ submitted pictures of our work and we're so excited for the issue to be released in the near future.

So be sure to discuss with your wedding stylist or florist about the color and fold of your napkins to make sure you love the final tablescape look. Then show your venue a sample of the way you want your napkins folded. Don't let your napkins upstage your centerpiece or other beautiful table details.

* This week's wedding features pink and white Peonies.

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