Monday, September 22, 2008

Elvis is in the House!!

We started our wedding weekend with a rehearsal dinner at Armstrong Manor for Ross and Barb. Jewel-tone colors were requested for the "porch dinner". Here we used Dianthus, African Orange Marigolds, Billy Balls, Hydrangea, Carnations, Ornamental Crab-apple, China Berry and Old Fashioned Blue Bachelor Buttons for Ross' last day as a bachelor; though I'm sure he had no clue they were in there for him.
I love the feeling of the long family-feast set up so much more than the round tables. It's so much more fun to decorate too.
I forgot to take my camera with me to the wedding site, which was at the home of Ross' mom and dad. It's a lovely garden with a large white pergola. The perfect size and place for a wedding at home. It was just so beautiful. Watch Leslie Gilbert's blog for wedding pics.
Then off to the Hamilton Ballroom-where we love to work with Lindsay and Jill. Here is what we did in the lobby. These were also centerpieces for half of the guest tables.
The Guest Book was a beautiful hard bound engagement photo album created by Leslie Gilbert photography that had pages to be written in. What an awesome idea. There were 4 memory candles at the guest book with the names of their family members printed. We add roses.

Then to our surprise....Elvis in a turquoise bow tie! We later found out that Elvis is a member of the family that always appears at every family celebration. They even buy gifts for him. Sometimes he comes in his "Jailhouse Rock" apparel. What a fun family tradition! This week daughter #2, Lindsay joined Team Beautiful. She and Amy had a good laugh taking pictures of themselves with the king before the boss arrived! Both new mommies get a little silly when they get out of the house for a bit!
So Lynne and I decided we didn't want to be left out of the photo opp. Thank -you very much!

Centerpieces were both tall and short. This is the head table. (Could someone please straighten that candle!)? We took care of that before we headed out the door, of course.
Congratulations to Ross and Barb.
Our other wedding can be seen on Jonnaysa's blog, and KM Photography blog.
Congratulations to Diana and Scott.
Before I finish, just look at my sweet little baby boys. Thanks for sharing your mommies with me this week, and thanks Mike and Erik for being on baby-duty all day!! They are both great daddies!

Hudson- 5 months old
Kole- 6wks. old
These little guys are the joy of my life. We are ever so blessed!!!

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