Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's pouring buckets as we unload our van -full of centerpieces, the organza -covered canopy for the ceremony and the bouquets. The courtyard with a tent is an ankle-high swamp covered with hundreds of black walnuts dropping from the trees on the tent and the barn roof.

This is Landis Valley Farm Museum- and it is NOT a good day for an outside wedding.

With the bride at the salon, and the groom not here yet...what do we do??? Will they still want the wedding under the tent in the swamp?

Bride's Bouquet is South American Blue Hydrangea, white Lisianthus and blue Delphinium.

One Maid Of Honor wore Kelly green and carried white Hydrangea, blue Delphinium and white Spray roses.

Centerpieces were blue Hydrangea and varigated bear grass in bubble bowls.
Head Table was marked with a tall arrangement of Blue Delphinium and White Orchids. We soon got the word to set up the canopy in the barn ; so we had to rearrange the room to prepare for an indoor ceremony. With no wedding coordinator it was up to us to make this wedding fit in the barn as well as the reception -with room for a band and the dance floor area. Tables needed moved, place card and gift table as well as cake table had to be rearranged.

A chubby little chipmunk made a quick run through the barn as we are setting this up. We discovered a little later, that (she) had been up on the one of the guest tables sampling the Wilbur bud favors! Must have been her pms chocolate craving! She might be paying dearly for her craving now!!

All done. Just in time for the couple to arrive. Jennifer, the bride, told me that they opened up the 2 large sliding barn doors, brought her in a carriage to the door, and she never got wet. The guests circled the couple around the canopy as they exchanged vows making it a very enchanting entrance and intimate ceremony. It all worked out in the end and the bride and groom were very happy. The rain didn't ruin a thing for them after all.
Rene of Bella Manse delivered this beautiful cake. Jessie was a wedding guest and told me that the cake was Wonderful! Some kind of amazing dark chocolatey ganache filling. Yum!! We love cake! (and Rene:)

This teeny-tiny bride and groom look so cute. Always beautiful and dee-licious!

Our second wedding was to take place in a hot-air balloon. That didn't happen either.
The couple exchanged their vows in a private ceremony at Lancaster Country Club Friday evening after hearing the hopeless weather report. So disappointing, but they had a beautiful ceremony and were getting ready to celebrate at the Pheasant Run Farm Bed &Breakfast.
The Bride's bouquet was dark red Hybrid Lilies. There were no attendants since they were to be married in a balloon.

Guest table centerpieces were orange and red lilies floating in a bubble bowl. The Bride and Groom's table had a pair of orange and yellow Alstromeria topiaries.
The Pheasant Run Farm is a beautiful place for an outdoor wedding. There is a lovely barn for small receptions as well as a large meadow for ceremonies and tent receptions. They are such nice people too.
Thanks to Amy and Jessie for helping me to get thru a very long day. I couldn't have done it without you. And to Lindsay for going out in the mud and rain with me at nearly midnight to collect the canopy. A hard day for us, but we had the satifaction of knowing it all worked out beautifully for Jennifer and Ernie. Makes it worth it all!

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